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Althea Ouellette

Althea, a long-time resident of Applegate, a member of the local, Bluewater Shore Herb Guild, has been knitting for most of her life.  If you enjoyed her class on double knitting last year you will love her class on beaded knitting this year. Her special little beaded purses have been commented on and coveted for years at the local craft shows and farmers market. Now is your chance to learn how to make them! 

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Ann Tullet, Luxury Natural Fibers

Anne is an experience weaving and spinning instructor and can be found at most of the fiber festivals across Michigan each year. At her studio in Allenton Michigan Anne Tullett offers Angora bunny blend roving with fine wool, silk and alpaca. Cashmere and Camel Down are also available. She sells Ashford Spinning Wheels, Weaving Looms and all accessories and books, carders felting boards and more.

From Anne:

I have been spinning since 1983, after visiting the Michigan Renaissance Festival and seeing spinners “ in costume” making yarn!
Although I don’t wear a costume, I have spun all kinds of animal and vegetable fibers, and taken classes with local and international teachers.
And now, I take much pleasure in teaching spinning to men, women and children.

Luxury Natural Fibers

You can contact her at or 810-395-8783.


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